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Comfort the Afflicted

You cannot comfort the comfortable. We teach that you should ensure your choice of residence is heart-led. A critical element in obeying the call of God is to reside where He wants you. The penalty for ignoring this is obvious: … Continue reading

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Didn’t Deserve to Die

“Just tell me this, man: Why does my mother have to get sick and die? She was a good person; she doesn’t deserve to die!” This is often leveled as an accusation. While it pretends to attack God, it’s really … Continue reading

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A Taste of Shalom

You really should check out the Radix Fidem forum linked over on the right side here under the “Blogroll” heading. Good things are happening there. When you first shift your conscious awareness over to the heart-led way, it can be … Continue reading

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Path and Destination

It’s not as if we could do nothing, but what any action we take must follow Biblical Law. We live in a fallen world; it’s terminal. There is no saving this world as know it. What we mean by “this … Continue reading

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Remember the Future

It’s been quite frustrating from the human point of view. It started with a simple service call to replace a couple of case fans on a computer I built for someone a few years ago. That computer then stopped working … Continue reading

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Don’t Reverse Course

I rather expected yesterday’s post would be hard to take. Maybe it was the choice of words, but I think most of my readers got it. The biggest problem is that “racism” has almost no definition at all; it’s just … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 18

False Prophets 7:15-20 This passage stands on a very large contextual background. Initially, a prophet gains a hearing by performing miracles and/or predicting things that consistently come to pass. However, Deuteronomy 13:2-4 is a strong example of pointing the people … Continue reading

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