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Mystical Predictive Analysis

As I’ve often noted, Christian Mysticism isn’t a matter of content, but a way of approaching the question of religion. I dare say most of the Christian Mystics I’ve read do not at all believe in the doctrine of the … Continue reading

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Elder and Judge

Eldercraft is my term for the collection of skills and experiences necessary for being a biblical elder. We define “elder” as half of the leadership team described in the Bible as God’s Two Witnesses: priest and king. A biblical king … Continue reading

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Stop Being Nice

Some years ago I walked into the local Sam’s Club warehouse store and was confronted by rolling racks filled with heavy winter parkas. Digging through this display, I found one that fit, a big old puffy down-filled thing and the … Continue reading

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Just Speculation

So you probably have already seen a lot of speculative press on what to expect from a Trump presidency. I wouldn’t bet on much of it, particularly the policy stuff. It will change some, but it remains to be seen … Continue reading

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The Drift in Reality

They don’t understand because they refuse to understand. Don’t be like them. God is creating a new reality; He invites our participation. He calls to us with warmth and longing, if only we would shift to a heart-led consciousness so … Continue reading

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System Destruct

Don’t believe in the system in the first place. You could follow the advice of some folks and fight within the system. If that’s your calling, armor up and prepare for a fight, because it’s virtually certain one will come … Continue reading

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Crushed by Glory

Over the years since my formal conscious departure from social convention, I’ve often found myself still dragging the weight of false conditioning. My mental reflexes are still wrong in so many ways. That in itself was a source of great … Continue reading

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