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Alongside the Silly Stories

A video leaked yesterday demonstrating most emphatically that Google’s management planned ways to undermine Trump’s presidency. It was by any definition plotting an unarmed revolution, weaponizing the Internet and all of Google’s tools of power and influence over what people … Continue reading

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Watch How God Works

There are multiple revolutions taking place all at once. The most dangerous ones are in virtual space. On the one hand, you should expect to see some very serious efforts at Internet censorship during the Trump administration. On the other … Continue reading

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Not Trendy

I was invited by the secretive and ghostly unnamed party running My Trending Stories to join their stable of writers. I gave them an honest shot, even going so far as writing a first article to post. But I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Facebook Is Byzantine

Byzantine — 3. highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious It’s one of several different uses of the word, but this is the one to which I refer in regards to Facebook. It’s run by a petty lefty tyrant who … Continue reading

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