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The World versus God

There’s really very little we can do to help this fallen world. All I can do is offer my best moral counsel to those who are members of this Kiln of the Soul parish, who embrace the Radix Fidem covenant. … Continue reading

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Embracing the Enlightenment from Heaven

One more time: Under the Radix Fidem covenant, our teaching emphasizes living by Biblical Law. We teach that “Biblical Law” is a term equivalent to the moral character of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ Himself as a person. It’s not … Continue reading

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The Magic Jesus Wand

Some readers will not get this; sometimes it’s very hard to untangle the lies of linear thinking and binary logic. It’s a standard feature of American theology, as if human reason was the rule to which all belief must bow … Continue reading

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Not a Spiritual Influence

As always, it’s more complex than we want to recognize. It’s easier to pin it all on this or that one thing and make it our crusade to end that thing. And I could easily take you down a false … Continue reading

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Conversion Is a Lie

Translation of the Bible into English is inevitably difficult. Virtually every translation I’ve read does something I find objectionable. That’s because knowing how to get an English word or phrase from one of the biblical languages is no guarantee you … Continue reading

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