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Follow-up to Paranoia

Ref: Previous blog post — Paranoia? Testing by real experts reveals that Windows 10 ignores privacy settings. To be specific, someone who actually understands this stuff tested Windows 10 Enterprise, the one you are supposed to be able to actually … Continue reading

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Computer Ministry Notes Mid-June 2104

It’s been a quiet few days. I spent the time upgrading my laptop to stronger network diagnostic and recovery tools, starting with installing CentOS 7. It’s currently all 64-bit, with none of the typical 32-bit support for now. This is … Continue reading

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I’m Tech Support

This is an exercise in mirror reading. There is no social group for me. I’m an alien in virtually every human context, in part because I am “not of this world” (Romans 12:2) — Even among my fellow Christians, I … Continue reading

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