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The Fixer 02

It was just a few blocks home. As he walked, Ned went back over the whole operation in his mind. The state was forced by class action lawsuit to make available a collection of old databases. The one that interested … Continue reading

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Prophetic Economics 03

We can already see the bleeding of profits from major entertainment and broadcast corporations. Part of that is simply the turnover in technology, and how the new is embraced by the newer generations of consumers. Print is nearly dead, TV … Continue reading

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Spotlight in the Night

Let’s make some distinctions here. There’s not a darned thing we can do to stop the immense evil in Syria, in part because it’s all tied into the Satanic plans regarding Israel. The whole thing is a swamp and there’s … Continue reading

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Burned on the Altar of Mammon

A nuclear bomb creates a hellish mess. Then it’s over. With most nuclear weapons, the radiation isn’t really the point; it’s all about the destructive power. So while radioactive fallout is a problem, it’s relatively minor in comparison to whatever … Continue reading

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Befuddling AI

Anything that humans design by their intellect and talents cannot possibly rise above that level. It will never be more than what is theoretically possible for humans. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be quicker and more precise, certainly more consistent, but … Continue reading

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Political Methods

God’s personal moral character calls for humanity to live together under covenant feudalism. You simply cannot possibly understand the Law Covenants, nor anything else in Scripture, until you grasp that one truth. All of Creation itself, including we humans, is … Continue reading

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Propaganda Apocalypse

If we were headed into a literal apocalypse, I’d be writing posts about how to prepare. We would be talking about food security, how to live with interrupted municipal services (electricity, water, gas, communications, police, fire, etc.). I would be … Continue reading

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