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War on Revelation 02

We who seek to follow revelation understand that we will always be part of three worlds. First is the world as God intended it. That’s symbolized by the Garden of Eden, and is a higher realm outside the Curse of … Continue reading

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One Ambition

What’s my ostensible objective on this blog? My specialty is human religion. I’m striving to change the way people do Christian religion, in particular. This business of “heart-led” is just another term for genuine faith. I contend that you can’t … Continue reading

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The Vast Reaches of Eden

The Kingdom of Heaven bears fruit; that is its nature. We are fallen creatures, expelled from Eden and the Tree of Life. Our existence is not what God intended, and He has taken the initiative to restore us. God has … Continue reading

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Sneaking Back into Eden

The Bible portrays most human sin as various attempts to sneak past the Flaming Sword back into the Garden of Eden. It’s not possible to describe life before the Fall. What we have are characterizations and Hebrew parabolic language in … Continue reading

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