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Radix Fidem Curriculum: It’s Natural

5. It’s Natural We were designed as stewards over a portion of God’s Creation. Adam and Eve first had eternal bodies, unlike the rest of Creation, which is supposed to exist in a life and death cycle. The actual passing … Continue reading

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Naked and Invested

Humans do have instincts. Conceptually, it’s probably useful to think of them as part of your lower brain at the bottom of your spine, what I jokingly call the “butt-brain”. It’s the center of your body consciousness and the functions … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — Sensory Heart Science Look up the term “bioelectromagnetics” — as a branch of science, it’s been around awhile. While the bulk of research is aimed at exploring how electromagnetic fields affect biology, some scientists have discovered that … Continue reading

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