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Theology and Practice — Divine Sovereignty

No sooner do I announce an intermission and I get a very good question. The doctrine of Divine Sovereignty includes several related theological controversies, most notably predestination. The problem is that most of what is out there rests on some … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Intermission

Not that “intermission” is a theological topic, but I am taking an intermission in this series. I’ll be glad to address any questions you may have in the future, but I sense that we can move on to other things. … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Atonement

This is a major point of conflict between the Western and Eastern Christian traditions. The Western view is based on tribal Germanic mythology, which bears an inherently vindictive and punitive view of God’s wrath. The image of God that arises … Continue reading

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Meta: Dispensationalism Article Posted

On the static website I’ve added an updated version of the article on Dispensational “End Times” prophecy teaching. Basically it summarizes why I assert that it’s nonsense. To see the new version, click this link.

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Response to ACIM Folks

I’ve gotten some queries from folks who have an affinity for A Course in Miracles and related materials. Recently that traffic appears to have risen somewhat and I felt the need for an anchored reference point on this blog regarding … Continue reading

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ACBM: Part 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 — The Western Church While reading the German legends can be a bit gloomy, the history of the Western Church is downright painful. We recognize academically the difference between religion and spirituality. An essential element of human nature … Continue reading

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