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Radix Fidem Curriculum: It’s Natural

5. It’s Natural We were designed as stewards over a portion of God’s Creation. Adam and Eve first had eternal bodies, unlike the rest of Creation, which is supposed to exist in a life and death cycle. The actual passing … Continue reading

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Fiction: Tearing a Hole

She glanced out the window again at her neighbor. He had been in the backyard since sunrise, working on something that looked like a front-loading washing machine sitting on a low sturdy table. There are odd bits and pieces attached … Continue reading

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Another Road Sign

It takes longer to set this up than it does to tell it. I’m posting a road sign here and it doesn’t warrant a bunch of explanation on my part. It does warrant a bunch of exploration on your part. … Continue reading

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Moral Good is Multi-generational 03

A critical element in all of this is that were not meant to die. When God first placed us in Eden, we were supposed to be eternal. Death wasn’t a part of the original picture; it’s part of the Curse … Continue reading

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Variable Time

Spiritual truth defies precise description. The only proper language for it is indicative language: characterizing, symbolism, parable. God Himself views all of human history as spread out before Him and nothing hinders His hand from adjusting anything anywhere or anywhen. … Continue reading

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A Shift in Values

Some of our biggest challenges arise from overcoming bad conditioning. Our society has an obsession with “saving time” — by which is implied not wasting something that is precious and hard to get. There are a whole raft of assumptions … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Baloney

Brother Jay and I are chatting about something in the background: The Western concept of destiny is unadulterated nonsense. First, we have to deal with the impossible notion that God is not bound by the past as we are in … Continue reading

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