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Transparency and Fruit

The fruit is not yet ripe for America’s crisis. I’m reaching for transparency. Bluntly: You deserve a chance to discount my narrative if it doesn’t apply to you. Your heart rules best when your mind is clear, so I want … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Booklet 3

3. The Spirit Realm is real and beyond comprehension. There is a distinct realm of existence totally alien and separate from ours. It is in every way superior, and our plane of existence is merely a temporary bubble within that … Continue reading

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Mind Forts Founded on Sand

Here at Kiln of the Soul, we tend to operate on three levels simultaneously. At the highest level, of course, is the Spirit Realm. We address it in parables, but it boils down to acknowledging God as God. He is … Continue reading

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05 The Sheikdom of Heaven

Paul was merely following the customs of his day when he wrote his letter to the Ephesian churches. Those first verses in chapter 1 string together a huge image, and in most English translations, it’s poorly rendered. That’s because it’s … Continue reading

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03 Come and See

Your true will longs for something better than what society offers. The effect of moving your conscious awareness into the Spirit Realm means pulling your head along behind into a different space of moral discernment. You realize that the moral … Continue reading

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Epistemology Wars

It’s everywhere. Every day I encounter some dispute where the opposing sides speak past each other, because each assumes a radically different reality. It’s polarizing because there is no debate at all, just yelling spite at each other as if … Continue reading

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Answering 02: Two Realms

(This is a reblog linking back the other way, for once.) How do you explain it? In my mind there remain a handful of people who seemed to understand. They were on their own path and knew it, so I … Continue reading

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