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VA Policy: Access Denied Veterans Running Linux

Can I get some help from someone with more expertise? I can code HTML on the fly, but I don’t mess with scripting; I have no use for it. Yes, I know my blogs have scripting, but someone else handles … Continue reading

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VA Trip: Adventure

The unseasonably warm weather encouraged me to ride my bike to the VA this morning. When I left home at around 6:30 it was about 45°F (7C) and felt even warmer. The only thing I did differently was add a … Continue reading

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Free Care Is Expensive

Hospitals are not a healthy atmosphere. Yesterday was another VA appointment. I didn’t learn what I wanted to know, but I did learn something. Through the stumbling bureaucratic confusion, I managed to get an echo cardiogram. The technician said she … Continue reading

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This Is Getting Crazy

Between us and parish member, we could probably purchase a decent recliner. The problem is that our OKC Metro Area furniture market is nearly controlled by a rather bloodless mafia led by the Mathis Brothers and they really do not … Continue reading

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