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The Theology of Division

There is so very much that we simply cannot see unless God shows it to us. I’m not sure there is any way to draw a line between heart-led moral perception and a direct move by God to point something … Continue reading

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Technology: Keep Watch

We need to prepare for tribulation, which will include a vicious rise in censorship on the Internet. Here in the US, various government agencies have long practiced limited forms of disinformation and squelching those who told the truth. Now they … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Footprints

I’m not fit to tie Abraham’s shoes, but I do know something about how he got them dirty. He left behind everything he knew, a world where he was important and comfortable, and changed to a wholly different lifestyle. Eventually … Continue reading

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Exodus of the Soul

This is not an exodus where we all leave the country. This is an internal exodus; we depart from this materialistic worldview and embrace the otherworldly approach to life. The America we’ve known will cease to hold us in bondage. … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 09 Implications

If you understand these things, you would hardly be surprised at what characterizes our behavior under this covenant. We prefer natural settings for worship. At the same time, we as individuals tend to worship privately all day every day. It’s … Continue reading

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Bigger Than All of Us

This is a work in progress. I’m trying to gather together some threads that have pulled out of the fabric; at the same time, I’m trying to untangle some others. A good rug under your feet can turn shifting sands … Continue reading

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Wiggle Those Fingers

Good things come to those that wait, Not to those who hesitate… (a line from “More Power To Ya” by Petra) How do you build on ancient ruins? You build with living stones. On the one hand, much of what … Continue reading

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