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Yet Another Warning of Doom

God has revealed how He operates in this world. You cannot hope to understand life until you embrace the heart-led way, the mystical approach to multi-level moral insight on reality. The Bible is full of discussion about how to understand … Continue reading

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Covenant Soldier

When it comes to human events in this world, everything rests on the Covenants. Nothing we do in this life can be isolated from the applicable covenant. Let’s not bog this down with chasing all the ways in which the … Continue reading

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It’s Who I Am

Why do you do it? It’s who I am. I fully admit that I was a fool, but not the kind of fool most people think I was. I was a fool for believing the lies. Not in the sense … Continue reading

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We Are Alien Invaders

Jesus made multiple references to His Kingdom as “not of this world.” Here’s a partial list: John 8:21-25; 14:28-30; and 18:34-38. His disciples filled the New Testament letters with even more such references. His true Kingdom has always been rooted … Continue reading

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Psalms 144

This is one of David’s battle hymns with quotations from several other psalms. It draws the image of someone fully confident in a God who has already shown His great power against enemies of the Covenant. David never forgets that … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Epilogue

I presented this series asking you to bounce it off your own heart of conviction. It means nothing if you can’t embrace it as your own. The only evidence to support my message is what you find in your own … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 2

If you can grasp the mystical image of reality to any degree, then it should be less of a struggle to handle what follows. You are the only person on this earth who can know in fullness God’s calling on … Continue reading

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