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A Scurrilous Political Rant

First, let me state my excuse for this post: People keep shoving political crap at me in the background. They ask me to use my forum here to promote something they are so sure is God’s will. It’s not. I … Continue reading

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Teaching Experiment: Earthquakes 1

Just as an exercise, I wanted to share some of my education in the mechanics of earthquakes. I’ve never seen it offered anywhere else this way, particularly in public education. It seems it always has big gaps in it, so … Continue reading

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…And Furthermore

This continues the previous post. Patriarchy is written into human DNA. As long as there are X and Y chromosomes, and their presence results in physiological differences, nothing on this earth can change masculine dominance. It exists when it is … Continue reading

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Discerning the Real Problems

I’ve gotten some questions that indicate a need to paint a clearer image on a few things. As noted in my recent “God’s Law” series, Biblical Law recognizes two kinds of government — imperial and national. But the latter is … Continue reading

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Guarding What Was Entrusted to Our Stewardship

Thus far in our study of the Sermon on the Mount, we’ve already come across a trio of statements by Jesus often misquoted in English to pervert His teaching. We have His words about making peace, about turning the other … Continue reading

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God’s Law Is Different 2

If you are going to critique what governments do, it must be based on Biblical Law. It is imperative that we get ourselves into the habit of doing everything by the leading of the heart. Never assume you already know … Continue reading

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Yet Another Warning of Doom

God has revealed how He operates in this world. You cannot hope to understand life until you embrace the heart-led way, the mystical approach to multi-level moral insight on reality. The Bible is full of discussion about how to understand … Continue reading

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