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Draper Bikeway 13

This first shot was from last month before the bad weather hit. As it was, they had laid this temporary dam almost a month ago and brought in all the materials, then did nothing for weeks. You can see the … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 05

The new phone came in Friday afternoon. It took hours at our local provider’s store to get it activated. We still have no solid idea why, except that part of it was the failure to get a UIC programmed into … Continue reading

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Longer Rides Again

Just in time, I’ve grown accustomed to the summer heat. This morning I took advantage of the low traffic on a national holiday and headed out rather early. I rode out to the River Trails as far as Portland Avenue … Continue reading

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Catch the Moment

Today was my heavy workout in the park. During the course of my efforts, storm clouds rolled in from the north. I didn’t have access to radar imagery so I could only guess. I decided to stay the course and … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 33

Got a new headshot. I’m still letting the hair on top — such as it is — grow as it will. But despite all my best efforts, the beard was not viable. It wasn’t just itching constantly. Even when I … Continue reading

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Draper Points 11 and 12

Just as a point of reference, these are the numbered points on the northern half of Draper Lake (image on the right). Today I visited Points 11 and 12. The morning started out frosty but began to warm about half-way … Continue reading

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Still No Apocalypse

First, let me refer you to an article that might be worth your time: There’s no meat left on that bone. There isn’t even a bone left. There’s only a debt-ridden mirage of a bone. If you’re looking to define … Continue reading

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