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Draper Points 11 and 12

Just as a point of reference, these are the numbered points on the northern half of Draper Lake (image on the right). Today I visited Points 11 and 12. The morning started out frosty but began to warm about half-way … Continue reading

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Still No Apocalypse

First, let me refer you to an article that might be worth your time: There’s no meat left on that bone. There isn’t even a bone left. There’s only a debt-ridden mirage of a bone. If you’re looking to define … Continue reading

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I Thought It Was Thunder

We were supposed to have storms this morning before sunrise. I was already up when I thought I heard thunder. Because I love that sort of thing, I stepped out to see. We had very high winds but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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More of What’s Going On

I had planned to hit the Draper Lake loop today. I had some stuff to do before I left and it was pretty cold, anyway. Along about noon it was just warm enough not to be a struggle riding the … Continue reading

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Photography: Hither and Yon

I really didn’t want to ride all that far, just enough to break the cabin fever. The first image is from last week when I spent time at my father-in-law’s grave. I believe that is an old M42 “Duster” anti-aircraft … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?

While the general weather trend here in Oklahoma under the influence of La Niña means we expect a slightly warmer and drier winter than average, that doesn’t hinder the occasional cold snap. Along with everyone else in the US Heartland, … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Ride

I rode yesterday in near-freezing conditions: temps were mid-30s F (2C) and light northerly breeze (10 mph; 16 kph). Cold weather cycling doesn’t have to be expensive. It requires you learn what to expect and dress accordingly using common clothing … Continue reading

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