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God Searches Hearts

God called me as a prophet to America. Sometimes I feel like the Prophet Jonah, but with none of the advantages he had in Nineveh. He got them to listen, but my country is yielding so far only a tiny … Continue reading

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Learn to Flock

In the Bible, feudalism always means family. The biblical image is more inclusive, versus the exclusive privilege associated with Western feudalism. The Eastern potentate held forth an open invitation to adopt the right people into his household as family. And … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 1

Once more the mad prophet gibbers and jabbers, rattling his chains and scrawling on the walls of his prison cell. Trying to explain some of this stuff is what drives me nuts. I’m compelled to use a language that is … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if some noise made by big names in Christian religion doesn’t represent controlled opposition. Let’s back up and look at the wider context. I may be crazy, but I’m consistent with the logic I promote. I’ve warned … Continue reading

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Reviewing Darkness 03

We teach that the essence of the Fall is usurping the authority of the heart by placing reason on the throne of the soul. God does not commune with our intellects, but with our hearts. He writes His revelation there … Continue reading

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Conditional Physics

I felt that this didn’t fit in the pulpit because it’s didactic, more a question of fundamental philosophical approach. Western Christianity tends to push God out into the spooky unknown. God is “knowable” only in the sense of propositional statements … Continue reading

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Another Lie of Satan

I’m very fond of Edin-Adahl. I have several of their songs on my FTP server. Not only was their music writing and arrangements very innovative, but Frank Adahl’s voice is a singularity, with a range and skill hard to match. … Continue reading

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