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The End of a Civilization: Far Cry 5

A basic premise of literary analysis is that whatever becomes truly popular in a given society reveals much about the underlying moral values of that society. This is how we can discern so much about the Ancient Near East (ANE); … Continue reading

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Regret or Not?

Jay and I were discussing on the forum about the paths we take in our lives. I made the comment that I always felt driven by the Spirit of God from a very young age. I was surely confused about … Continue reading

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The Hedgerow of Lies 1

My soul is provoked about something. Teaching is a major element in my mission; it’s a major element in how I serve as elder. Were there no virtual parish at all here, I would still consider myself a teaching elder. … Continue reading

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This Life Is Death

I want to refresh the logic here on something. Our American culture stoutly militates against the truth. Creation is not fallen; mankind is fallen. We were designed to be eternal creatures, placed in a Garden where not much else lives … Continue reading

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God’s Law Is Different 1

What follows is eldercraft — my best answers to moral questions. This is what you’ll get if you defer to me as elder. This pertains to issues with governments and laws versus Biblical Law. You are the only one who … Continue reading

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Just Because I Like It

There’s nothing wrong with trying it once or twice, but once you know you won’t do it, stop wasting time on something you’ve been sold as laudable. Too many people are trapped in the mythology we stole from Greeks and … Continue reading

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They Will Always Be There

Christine is still exploring the heart-led path with her fourth installment. She mentions in passing something that was poking at me all day. A prominent feature of Western mythology is taking oneself too seriously. You aren’t supposed to notice the … Continue reading

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