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Sermon on the Mount 16

Just Ask 7:7-11 First, we must establish that ask-seek-knock are ancient common images of prayer and worship in Hebrew culture. In this context it should be painfully obvious we aren’t talking about mere hedonistic comforts. The whole point here is … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 10

Ritual Prayers 6:5-8 This continues thoughts from the previous lesson. Worship is not for putting on a show. If making an offering to garner public approval was wrong, so was extravagant ritual prayer. According to Edersheim (a converted Jewish rabbi) … Continue reading

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Refresh: Symbols and Rituals

On the one hand, the symbols are just that — symbols. They are not the thing itself. The key to mysticism is that we believe our current “reality” is just one huge deception. There are glimpses of ultimate reality and … Continue reading

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Psalm 150

This is the end of the Hallelujah Hymns and the end of the whole book. It serves honorably to hold that place as the capstone of worship. Hallelujah! At the very least we should come to the Temple and praise … Continue reading

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A Sample of Music Nostalgia

Without droning on too long about it, my musical background includes southern gospel quartet music. I have since become quite a bit more discerning than during those younger years when I regularly sat down for a TV show called “Gospel … Continue reading

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Psalm 149

The fourth of the final Hallelujah Hymns in Psalms, this one draws the image of a distinct historical event, though we cannot pin it down which one. We do know that during the Period of Restoration after Exile, the returnees … Continue reading

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Psalm 148

This third of five Hallelujah Hymns stands out as a unique call for praise from the whole of Creation. Its structure is rather like a responsive song, a long verse with a short response, then another such pair. This is … Continue reading

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