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Published: The Heart of Biblical Living

The book is now published at Smashwords: The Heart of Biblical Living. As usual, I have my own copies in Word, LibreOffice and PDF. The cover art is an old Harold Copping painting, “The Temptation of Christ.”

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Admin: Theology and Practice Compilation

The Theology and Practice series is not complete. I’m convinced that there are yet a few more questions lurking out there, so I’m not going to turn it into a book yet. However, what we have covered so far is … Continue reading

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A Ministry Shift

This blog is a ministry outlet. I didn’t start this nearly ten years ago as a social outlet. Social connections do happen here, but that’s just a side effect of the medium. The essential purpose of this blog is a … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts PDF

Here’s the link to the PDF file combining all the parts to my study in Understanding Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts. As a side not to my regulars: I had to ditch WordPerfect Office. After all these years, there are still … Continue reading

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Admin: Graphic Artist Needed

This is a ministry; if you need money for it, I’ll try to do some fund-raising. But I’ve been asked to develop some graphics to go with my teaching. In particular, I think it would help if someone could diagram … Continue reading

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Totally Independent

In response to an offline query… It would be great if there were more donations to my PayPal account. To be honest, there aren’t any real needs, so unless you simply feel moved, I’m frankly going to tell you this … Continue reading

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No Protests of Censorship

Perhaps you are aware of the brouhaha over several popular commentators having their Internet publishing outlets shut down. Facebook had been interfering with free access and free speech for several years, along with YouTube and Twitter. Even WordPress has joined … Continue reading

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